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Yu-Gi-Oh! Roleplay

Yu-Gi-Oh Sanctuary
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This community is maintained by raventide and by x0xdemonnekox0xand I totally deserve to be listed right here because I do all the shit that has to do with HTML, in case you're wondering why the co-mod is listed. *is shot*. ((The Co-Mod has since then retired. =( ))


This is a boy/boy roleplay based on the manga/anime series entitled "Yu-Gi-Oh." If the theme makes you uncomfortable, please leave this community.
This community is basically the characters writing in diaries. If we need to brainstorm, or you just want some interaction between the characters, we do this:

If you would like to RP a scene for the RPG, You can do one of two things,

1. RP the scene over AIM or instant messaging service, then post the log underneath na LJ cut in the community. Make sure to mark what characters are involved in the post, and a brief summary of what the post is about.

2. Type up a post stating the following:

Who: (Type the character's involved in the thread here ie: Yuugi/Yami)
Where: (Where is this post taking place?)
When: (When is this post taking place in accordance to the other posts going on.)
Summary: (A brief description of what's to come. This can be edited as things are RPed out to better sut the theme of the post. This is so people know what they will be reading)

Then type your introductory scene here!!!

The person the thread is to will RP with you back and forth in the comments.

If you would like to make an ooc comment during the course of your rp, a statement, a compliment, anything that is said by you, and not your character, Type ooc in the subject of your comment, then put your text insidebrackets. (( ))

You can also make OOC posts in the community as well, Just lable them OOC in the subject line, all comments recieved will then obviously be OOC comments.

Any Questions feel free to ask!


1.) Be considerate. Please do not be rude to anyone in this community.
2.) If you are leaving, please let someone know and provide us with someone to temporarily take care of your account.
3.) OOC Posts belong in the community journal.
4.) You must create your own account for your character and update at least once every two weeks.
5.) E-mail
if you would like to join.
6.) One person per character.


The setting is...well, anywhere the characters have a computer! If you have an idea for a trip out for the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters to go on, please notify us!

Requesting a Character

Here is the form to request a character:

Livejournal username:
Email Address:
Instant Messaging ID:
Sample Entry:



Yuugi Mutou//Yugi Moto: x_candii_kiss_x >>Journal At: _aibou
Katsuya Jounouchi//Joey Wheeler: >>Journal At: katsuyajou
Hiroto Honda//Tristan Taylor: >>Journal At:
Anzu Mazaki//Tea Gardener: >>Journal At:
Kaiba Seto//Seto Kaiba: [Private Journa] >>Journal At: downalltheway
Kaiba Mokuba//Mokuba Kaiba: >>Journal At: scribbledragon
Ryou Bakura//Ryou Bakura: >>Journal At: msterthewill ((Open, but perhaps not with the previous journal.))

Mai Kujaku//Mai Valentine: >>Journal At:
Shizuka Kawai//Serenity Wheeler: >>Journal At:
Varon//Valon:: >>Journal At:
Dartz: >>Journal At:
Ryuji Otogi//Duke Devlin:>>Journal At:devildice ((Open with journal))
High Priest Mahaado: >>Journal At:
Isis Ishtar//Ishizu Ishtar: >>Journal At:
Kisara: >>Journal At: blueeyed_kisara
Mana: >>Journal At:
Marik Ishtar//Malik Ishtar: x0xdemonnekox0x >>Journal At:x_maliku
Pegasus J. Crawford//Maximillion Pegasus: >>Journal At:
Noa Kaiba: >>Journal At: virtual_empire
Rapheal: >>Journal At:
Alister//Amelda: >>Journal At:

Yami no Yuugi//Yami Yugi: raventide >>Journal At: x_darkside
Yami no Bakura//Yami Bakura: riona_h_c_l >>Journal At: akefia_dono
Yami no Marik//Yami Marik: ? >>Journal At: sevenxsins

Arthur Hopkins: >>Journal At:
Shaadi: >>Journal At:
Bandit Keith Howard: >>Journal At:
Sugoroku Mutou//Solomon Moto: >>Journal At: jiisan
Ghost Kotsuzuka//Bonz: >>Journal At:
Cyndia Crawford//Cecelia Pegasus: >>Journal At:
Insector Haga//Weevil Underwood: >>Journal At:
Gouzaburou Kaiba//Gozaburo Kaiba: >>Journal At:
Ryouta Kajiki//Mako Tsunami: >>Journal At:
Rishid Ishtar//Odion Ishtar: >>Journal At:
Rebecca Hopkins: >>Journal At:
Dinosaur Ryuzaki//Rex Raptor: >>Journal At:

Problems with this list? E-mail

is Raven-chan's MSN group. Also hosts RolePlay, along with information on the anime, manga, humour, images, discussions, voting and so on. Also looking for members.