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I know I left a comment about it, but I tried to e-mail my application for Jounouchi but it said that it couldn't be sent.

Is there anything I can do insted or another e-mail maybe? Anyone can help. Sorry about this delete this post if you like.
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Like, Totally! Okay! We're really, really...gay?

Yesums, you should be extremely frightened. We now have a journal for all of Otogi's cheerleaders. So far, Lulu is Misty(Malik/ME!) and Tutu is Rave(Yami/YEAH!). This is going to be a shared journal, so we hope that all of you can particapte in our insane vallley-girlish journal. E-mail us at RavenDoom@hellokitty.com to receieve a name and the password.

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I'm bored. I'm listening to a song. And I'm still bored. Pharaoh smells funny. Yuugi needs to get rid of his school uniform. Malik needs to stop getting things that are pink. Mariku needs to hurry his ass up and move in. Kaiba needs to admit that he works out, specifically focusing on his ass. Yandoshi-sama needs to come to terms with the fact that he needs a Yami. Yuugi's grandpa needs to realize that no-one wants to have any sexual relations with him.

And I'm still bored.
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Smug writing


I have a minor dilemma...I don't know what to dress as for Otogi's party. I have three ideas, two of which aren't entirely original.

a) Tomb Robber (the first non-original one)

b) Egyptian Slave

c) Vampire (the second non-original one)

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Bad Things I've Done

Right, I'm making a list of all the "Bad" things I've done in my life. You lot have to help me, and if I get past 5,000 I'll uke to Pharaoh for a year. No, that was not agreed on, but I doubt I'll get past 5,000 anyway.

#1- Did nothing to help Kuru Eruna
#2- Stole a loaf of bread
#3- Threw a stone at the Pharaoh (Yami's father)
#4- Threw a stone at Yami
#5- Threw a knife at a guard
#6- Stole another loaf of bread
#7- Gave up (TEMPORARILY Stop smirking damn you!)
#8- Killed a bunch of people
#9- Became obsessed with killing the Pharaoh
#10- Stole yet another loaf of bread
#11- Killed a merchant when the Pharaoh died
#12- Decided that the Pharaoh's son was going to pay for letting his father die, and for letting his father do what he did for the Items
#13- Stole some food
#14- Killed the owner of a horse
#15- Claimed ownership of the horse
#16- Joined a band of thieves
#17- Killed the leader after five passings of Ra
#18- Took over as leader
#19- Stole
#20- Desecrated the ex-Pharaoh's tomb
#21- Brought Yami's father to go see him
#22- Destroyed Yami's "Kingdom" (but he did help me in that area)
#23- Somewhere way before this, made a deal with Zorc
#24- Stood by when the Ring killed Host Number One
#25- Stood by when the Ring killed Host Number Two
#26- Stood by when the Ring killed Host Number Three
#27- Stood by when the Ring killed Host Number Four
#28- Stood by when the Ring killed Host Number Five
#29- Stood by when the Ring killed Host Number Six
#30- Scared the shit out of Yandoshi
#31- Scared the shit out of Yandoshi again
#32- *same as above*
#33- Scared Yandoshi by getting rid of some bullies and putting him in a safer place to wake up
#34- Scared Yandoshi when he saw me
#35- Made Yandoshi's first friend into a doll because she was moving
#36- Made Yandoshi's other three friends into dolls so that he wouldn't be lonely
#37- Made Yandoshi give up Monster World
#38- Threatened Yandoshi (don't get your hopes up Farrow, I never actually went through with them)
#39- Punished the idiot who told Yandoshi to cut his pretty hair
#40- Scared Yandoshi by making him wake up in unusual places (how was I to know that alleys weren't safe in this time?
#41- Duelist Kingdom
#42- Battle City

...Right, that's all I've got. Farrow, I know you've been waiting for the chance to tell me all the "Horrible" things I've done, so don't hold back. If you start making shit up though, I'm going to have to threaten Yuugi.
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