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Further Info for the Party

Ok, I was bored in school and a few specifications sprung to mind.

Bakura-mun asked about getting drunk.

Otogi is supplying alcohol, but your character is free to bring their own and can drink as much as they like.

The layout of Otogi's apartment is really walk through front door, into living room, raised level kitchen, doors to bedroom, spare bedroom, bathroom and veranda.
He would like his apartment in one piece when everyone's done.

For your posts, make a new post in the community with your character in the subject line, where s/he is and costume. Write your beginning RP post in the post. It should include where your character is and a bit about their costume.
If you're starting off with two characters, do so in a joint post.
For example. Yuugi and Yami have themed costume and are coming from the same place, and so they could do a joint post and RP out their arrival, but your character must make another post for themselves.

Example :

Subject : Yami, whereabouts, costume

Post : Yami is with Yuugi, by the ((insert location)), wearing ((insert costume)). He is ((insert thoughts, actions, etc.)).

To interact with a character, Post Comment. In the subject line, note "Interaction", e.g. "Interaction between Yami and Otogi." and if another character wants to interrupt, enter "Grandpa Interrupts Yami and Otogi," or something to that effect. Checking with the interacting muns would be a good idea. If you want to send in a comment, but it's not a good time, the Interacting characters have the right to ask you not to participate quite yet, and ask you to come back later.

Roleplays can be done over IM, providing they are short and hold no chance of interruption. Doomy-chan and myself thought comments would have made the whole thing work better, so we'd prefer that.

Normal rules apply, content can be anything. If your content is getting a bit on the NC-17 side, put it in the comment subject line.

If you still haven't made it known you're going, or you've just joined, then you can still go. Open house party.
NPCs are allowed, since Otogi is likely to invite as many people as he can, press included.

Also, if you think you're going to have some problems with the dates and the RP, comment here to let the mods know. Something can be arranged and the dates can be changed, within reason.

Try and get your beginning post together for the the start date, 25th of January. If you're going to be busy on the 25th, you can put it up on the 24th or wait until the next day you're on.

Also, there's going to have to be music. If you want to have a song playing, for whatever reason, just say so in your Roleplay posts.

Thinking on it. If characters have their own posts, and we're hitting the 'Post Comment' button, everyone's posts could be jumbled. Replying would keep it in order. Am I being neurotic or does my train of thought have a rail?

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