April 13th, 2006

Kisara :: Slaying the Dreamer

[RP Log] [New member =O]

Hi Everyone~ I am Luna [or Ash o_O], and I am here to be the Kisara rper. :3 I also bring a RP between Marik and I on how Kisara is in the modern world.

:3 If anyone wants to contact me, my AIM is And Die Bleeding and my MSN is Rainy_Luna@hotmail.com.

Now, onto the rp log. :3

Who: Marik, Kisara
Rating: PG
Where: Starts off at the Shadow realm, then moves to Marik/Bakura's apartment.
Summary: Marik goes to the Shadow Realm to find a certain spirit. Finding her, he convinces her to take up a new body and come to the modern world 3000 years after she died. Taking his offer, they end up in his apartment where he begins to explain modern technology to her.
Warnings: Swearing, Nude Kisara for most of this rp.

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Pleas don't kill me. xDD