January 16th, 2006

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Like, Totally! Okay! We're really, really...gay?

Yesums, you should be extremely frightened. We now have a journal for all of Otogi's cheerleaders. So far, Lulu is Misty(Malik/ME!) and Tutu is Rave(Yami/YEAH!). This is going to be a shared journal, so we hope that all of you can particapte in our insane vallley-girlish journal. E-mail us at RavenDoom@hellokitty.com to receieve a name and the password.

fatal frame


I know I left a comment about it, but I tried to e-mail my application for Jounouchi but it said that it couldn't be sent.

Is there anything I can do insted or another e-mail maybe? Anyone can help. Sorry about this delete this post if you like.
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