January 5th, 2006

[Sex Puppy] -=- [Made by aki_hana; DO NO


So, you all may have been wondering how on earth we're going to do this costume party thing. Of course, the awesome, wonderful, sweet, insane, weird co-mod has come up with a WONDERFUL idea :D Rave and I have found an idea to make things run smoothly.


When your character arrives at the party, make a roleplay post on the community journal. Don't forget to describe your character's costume, if he has one. You can also make it so that no one bother you and the character you are talking to be stating that it is private roleplay in either the title or the entry itself.

If you want to reply to another character's entry, then do so, as your character. But when you reply, reply in roleplay-post form. Also, when replying to a comment, do NOT press the reply button. Make a new comment so a horrendous thread of comments doesn't decide to make it's way all the way to the right, forcing everyone to click on things to read everything.

The posting will take place between January 25th all the way untill February 2nd, which is the actual date that the party is supposed to be held. But please, don't go insane with the roleplaying, making, say, 561 posts *coughSetoYamiandBakucough*.
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