January 4th, 2006

Smug writing


I recently acquired a rather strange device from an electronics store, it's called an "MPE-Player". At first I thought the "E" was a "3", but who puts letters and numbers together to form a name? Anyway, I was listening through those little things you put in your ears, and then this fucked up song about peanuts came on. I decided to mess around with those little buttons and one changed the song. From what I could gather from the little screen-thingy, the song was "Hero" by some old fool named "Mariah Carey". As I was about to throw the damn thing out the window, I heard a line.
"There's a hero, if you look inside you heart,
You don't have to be afraid, of what you are"
Well, it was really two lines. The fact remains that I decided to listen to the song, and then discard the damn thing.

The song got me thinking though. What makes a hero? We all know Farrow's considered a hero because he 'saved the world' and all that crap. But what about Yandoshi? He fought pretty damn hard to "protect" his "friends" from me, so why isn't he a hero? Malik destroyed a part of himself to save the Cheerleading Squad, so why isn't he a hero? Kaiba looks after Mokuba, the Dog looks after his sister, why don't they get recognition?

Midget's grandfather and mother take care of him, and put up with Farrow, so why aren't they heroes? It's killing me to say this, but even Mariku's a hero in his own way.

Heroes help their side, don't they? Your hero to your enemy would probably be an evil bastard.

So...What is a hero? An enemy? A friend? Someone hiding in the shadows, merely content to watch and help? Is a hero someone who sacrifices themselves for their cause? A cause that to the opposition would be disgusting and evil? Is a hero someone who saves another's life? Is a hero merely someone who loves, and is loved in return? Are heroes even real?
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