January 3rd, 2006


OOC - Otogi's Party

Okay, for the party, it'll be on the 3rd of February.

You can start RPing your ideas for the party out now, but wait until the actual date has passed before posting them. If what you're doing could affect others, put a post here. And check up regularly, please and thank you.

As for your costumes, they can be kept secret.

::Email to Seto Kaiba::

To: "Kaiba Seto"
Subject: DDM

I would have preferred to have done this face to face, but moving into my new apartment proved to be disastrous, so I thought an email would do just as well.

Since DDM's gone global, I thought a gaming system would help make the game more popular. You know how people go for technology as opposed to boards and game pieces now, I‘m sure. I'm looking for something compact that can be used in the home, and if it could be something portable, then that would be even better. My agency agreed with my choice, considering the great work you did for Duel Monsters.

Monetary terms are to be negotiated, as is production, etc, etc, and if you're interested I can have the contract written up right away.

I'm going to have to cut this short; more badly trained monkeys in boiler suits have turned up to install the hot tub.

Otogi Ryuuji