January 1st, 2006




Please praise me.

We supposedly have a new Mokie-kun!

You see, my avid love of the song Bratja led me to finding someone whom owned the English version (which, by the way, SUCKED), and she wanted to know if she could be Mokie in the community. Unfortunately, I don't think she has a form to try out filled out, but I was roleplaying with her yesterday, and her Mokie makes me want to crawl into a hole and die of happiness.

Ravey? Can we keep her? *shall send you samples of her RPing* I wuv you! D:
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Doomy-chan received an email from an applicant for Jonouchi's part. And. Lost the email.

So, if you were the person who submitted a request for Jonouchi, then please send an email to X0xDemonNekox0X@hellokitty.com or fire_scryer@hotmail.com. If you want extra security, feel free to email both.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused, and we hope to hear from the applicant. Because, we want a Jou xD.