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Yami no Bakura

Another RP! Isn't it normally Seto and Yami doing this? o-o

Characters: Yuugi, Bakura, NPC.
Rating: M
Summary: Takes place after the Marik/Bakura RP. Very much bored and annoyed, Bakura goes to the Game Shop to spend some time with Yuugi. Yuugi, of course, is terrified. Talking, some Kleptoshipping hints and an armed robbery! XD Bakura gets shot, Yuugi gets shot, coppers come, and everything's all good!

Bakura was laying on his bed, wallowing in self-pity distress anger and cursing Marik to the Scales of Justice. That fucking stupid prick deserved to crawl into a fucking ditch and fucking be eaten alive by feral animals. The hotel room was a mess, Bakura's experiments scattered everywhere and the blood he had worked so hard to not bleed himself to death while he was gathering it was now a mere stain on the plush red carpet, a rapidly darkening spot.

Yes, Marik definitely needed to be punished.

It wasn't until the thief's stomach began demanding food that he got up. Dully, he noted that he'd have to have a shower to wash off the dried blood on his arms and back. But really, he couldn't give a fuck.

Ten minutes later he had washed, dried and clothed himself, still brooding about his earlier "fight" with Marik. Well, it was more like he was obsessing now, but he refused to admit that, because until Marik was shiny-- which could very well be arranged, but Bakura blocked that voice out-- he wasn't worth obsessing over.

...He was bored, he decided. Very bored. And ever-so-slightly hungry. It didn't exactly take him a long time to decide that he'd go and play with the Pharaoh's midget for a bit, because he had been thinking of taking him home for a while now. Ever since he threw Marik out of the Hotel room for being such a fucking bastard and he couldn't just do all that
without expecting something in return because it wasn't fair play and Bakura fucking hated him and everything associated with him and Kisara was going to die

With a low growl, Bakura pulled on his trench-coat and boots, plotting Kisara's death as he locked the Hotel room and opened the window to jump out. At least his Shadows were co-operating with not letting him fall to his death. Of course, bleeding was fine.
"The Shadows have a twisted sense of humor." He muttered, putting one leg out of the window and bending over so that his body could fit through, before removing his other leg. He was now standing on the small ledge, passers-by looking up and pointing at him. With a shrug, he jumped off (and was pleased to hear quite a few shocked screams), his Shadows breaking his fall.

He was off to see the Yuugi, the wonderful Yuugi of Oz Domino.

Yuugi hummed as he carried in boxes of games that came in today, and putting the things inside of them on the proper shelves. His grandfather had asked him to help him out with the Game Shop and of course Yuugi was happy to help.

Yuugi was in a generally good mood today. Nothing paticularly good happened, he just woke up that way. But now that he thought about it there was really nothing to be unhappy about. It was just a normal day, Yuugi felt safe, and everything was going well.

Yuugi stood on his tipie-toes trying to reach the highest shelf. Unable to, he sulked. "Dammit, it's too high." With a sigh, he put down the box and leaned over the counter looking for the footstool. "I know Jiichan keeps one here somewhere...."

It didn't take long for Bakura to reach the Game Shop, seeing as how he didn't waste time attempting to convince people he wasn't a hooker. 'Course, Domino Police would have a bit of trouble tracking down the five people who "mysteriously disappeared".

So now the Thief King was standing outside of the Game Shop, watching his target struggle with the shelves. A smirk settled upon his lips just before he opened the door and sauntered in.
"Hello there, Little Yuugi." He purred, leaning against the door-frame and wiping some blood that was dripping from his palm on his coat.
"Having some trouble there, midget? Perhaps I can help. After all, I'd absolutely hate to see you buried underneath a mountain of work, when there's much more entertaining things you could do."'Like crossdressing and then going out to the shops.' He thought, his smirk growing ever-so-slightly dangerous. He would take Yuugi and alert the Pharaoh. Already he was anticipating the adreniline rush he would get from being in danger, being able to tempt the
Pharaoh to play a Yami no Game and knowing that he had the upper hand. Knowing that he was in control. Knowing that he was the one who was able to end it.

Knowing that he had the power.

Yuugi gasped and froze dead in his tracks. He knew that voice. Slowly turning around and almost wishing that it was just his imagination, he saw Bakura standing there at the doorway of the Game Shop smirking at him. What was he doing here!? Yuugi's eyes trailed to the blood stains that were now on Bakura's coat and he shivered. Quickly, he averted his gaze elsewhere and shook himself out of it. 'Don't show him that you're scared.' He mentally commanded himself.
He took a deep breath in order to keep his voice steady, "I'm sorry Bakura-San...I promised that I would help Jiichan today in the shop so I can't really stand here and talk..." Maybe Bakura wasn't here to do anything bad? That was unlikely. And maybe he would leave now knowing that Yuugi was busy? Once again, unlikely.

"Of course, Yuugi-chan." Bakura said, pushing himself off the door-frame and walking over to Yuugi. He stopped in front of the small light and looked down at him, the smirk still present on his face.
"But I also offered assistance, if you recall." He knelt in front of Yuugi in order for them to see eye-to-eye, the midget's height making his smirk grow.
"Surely it's hard for you to reach those--" He motioned to the top shelves-
"--without harming yourself?"

It made Yuugi even more nervous when Bakura knelt down in order to be his height. He gulped and then turned his head away in order not to look into the other boy's eyes. "T-Thank you but I really don't need any help..." He said in a quiet voice. "We have a footstool somewhere in here so with that I'll be able to reach those shelves myself." Slowly moving away from Bakura he found the footstool.

"Ah!! Here it is!!" He turned back to Bakura, "See, I can do it so you really don't need to do
anything..." He smiled slightly hoping he could get Bakura to leave somehow.

"But what kind of friend would I be if I didn't help out?" He gave a 'fanged' smile, aware
of how much he was making Yuugi uncomfortable. He was really enjoying venting in this manner-- it
sure as Hell beat tearing his matress to shreds-- and watching Yuugi squirm was just too
entertaining. Plus, he was going to make Yuugi blush and damn did that kid look cute when he
was blushing. The blood rushing to his cheeks that could be spilling out of his arms or legs, the
head that would be lowered in embarrasment and--

...Was it possible to suffer from sex withdrawal?

Yuugi stared at Bakura for a moment not saying anything. Sure Yuugi was scared of Bakura at times
like now but Bakura could be nice once and a while too, and so that made Yuugi think
that Bakura was slightly his friend. But he knew that Bakura would never call Yuugi his
friend in return. It just wasn't in his nature. Most of the time Bakura acted like he couldn't
stand him by calling him "midget" and such. Hearing Bakura call him "friend" now with that...
smile...of his made Yuugi become more and more scared.

Yuugi wasn't stupid enough to fall for this. Bakura was up to something. "What do you really
want, Bakura?" he asked with a glare.

"I want a lot of things." Bakura replied conversationally, smiling innocently and turning the
"Ryou-Eyes" on.
"What do you want, Yuugi-chan?"

Yuugi backed up finding himself getting flustered and having no idea why. "Wh-what do you mean
what do I want!? I don't want anything!!"

Bakura got on his hands and began crawling towards Yuugi, batting his eyelashes innocently and
knowing exactly why the midget was getting flustered.
"What's wrong, Yuugi-chan? Do you need some help with something? You look a little... hot. Do you
need to take a shower?"

Great, so now he was blushing. He awkwardly put both hands to his cheeks to cover it. "N-no!! I
don't need to take a shower!! I'm fine!! Fine!!"

Damn, it was so hard trying not to laugh or smirk. Still, Bakura managed to keep up the
"act". He crawled closer to Yuugi and his head just so happened to be about the same
height as Yuugi's crotch-- another thing that Bakura was trying so hard not to laugh
, looking up to his face and blinking.
"Do you need to take off some clothes, then?"

Yuugi's face flushed an even deeper shade of red, his cheeks practically burning from it.
Everything about this was making Yuugi go insane. First of all Bakura was acting innocent
which was creepy to begin with, second of all Bakura's head was perfectly aligned with Yuugi's
crotch, and third of all, the things that Bakura were saying were so...suggestive.He knew
that Bakura was probably doing this on purpose but either way, Yuugi was way too embarrassed to
make the other boy stop. He laughed nervously, "I'm perfectly fine with my clothes on thank you...!!"

The distance between them was now gone, and so Bakura rested his head on Yuugi's thigh, still
looking up at his face.
"I could help you, you know." He said, using the "I'm-So-Innocent-And-Don't-Know-What-I'm-Saying-
So-Love-Me-And-Give-Me-Hugs" eyes.
"It would be rather hard to remove all of those clothes, wouldn't it?"

Yuugi's mouth dropped and his eyes grew wide. He had no response to what Bakura had said and as
soon as Bakura leaned his head against Yuugi's thigh, he completely lost all of the little control
he had.

In shock Yuugi lost his balance and fell forward landing right on top of Bakura. To make matters
worse, his head moved forward with the fall and his lips pressed against the other's. 'Oh.My.God.'
was the one thing that screamed in his head. Yuugi somehow had managed to blush even more at
this point as he awkwardly leaned up so he was no longer kissing him. Now sitting on Bakura with
both legs straddled on either side of him, Yuugi brought his hands to his mouth. "B-Bakura-San!!"
He stuttered out, "I'm so sorry!! I...!! I'm sorry!!"

Well, that was certainly a surprise. Enough to warrant a string of; "WHATTHEHELWHATTHEHELLWHATTHEHELL!?!?!?!1/!?!1/!?"
inside Bakura's mind. Although, once the shock wore off, he was able to appreciated how soft
Yuugi's lips were. Not like Marik's, whose were slightly dry and rough, but soft like he used
lip balm every day and...

...The midget was saying sorry. Bakura couldn't help it, really. The laughter just... escaped. He
didn't even realise he was laughing until his chest started to hurt, and then he realised
it wasn't his maniacal laugh that he had been training himself to use since he was fourteen floods. So, of course, he immediately shut up.

"Well, what are you apologizing for? Did you enjoy it or something?"

"E-enjoy it!?" Honestly Yuugi did. Though it wasn't on purpose, the kiss really did feel good.
There was something about his lips being pressed against Bakura's that made him feel...weird. It
wasn't a bad kind of weird. It was the good kind of weird, if there even was one. "It was just an
a-accident!!" He stammered, "An accident!! I swear!!"

"Mhm." Bakura was openly smirking again, highly amused at Yuugi's antics.
"You know, if you wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask."

"But I didn't...!!" He argued, staring down at the floor with embarrassment. It was then that he
noticed that he was still sitting ontop of Bakura. "Ah!!" He shrieked quickly getting off of him.
He let out another muffled "I'm sorry..." trying his best not to meet Bakura's eyes.

This beat arguing with Marik by about... Well, a nice large number. Yuugi's blush had returned,
making Bakura want to find a way to get the midget to agree to sharing it. Bakura closed his eyes,
smirk still firmly in place, very much amused. Except now instead of his mind
planning ways to bed Yuugi, it was back to thinking of how he could use this to his advantage
against the Pharaoh. He did not have a one-track mind or an obsession. Well, not
one that he would freely admit to owning.

...Wait. What the Hell was his original intention? Backtracking a bit to when Marik had left, he
recalled what had made him come here in the first place. Boredom and sex-deprivation.

"Mhm. Of course you didn't, it was all just an accident. And you didn't enjoy
straddling me either, did you?"

"But Bakura-San...!! I'm not lying!! It really was an accident!!" Why wasn't Bakura believing him?
He guessed it was probably the fact that he was blushing that was making it seem not so convincing.
But he honestly was telling the truth! "I told you I was sorry. I really didn't mean to fall
on top of you, and k-kiss you, and straddle you..."

Yuugi couldn't believe how bad this was. He just tripped and fell and ALL of that happened!!

"You forgot to mention how you didn't mean to enjoy yourself." Bakura mentioned, lifting his head
to fold him arms underneath it as a sort-of pillow. The floor was actually quite nice and clean
, like someone had taken a toothbrush and scrubbed every inch. Which could actually have been
quite possible, given Yuugi's grandfather was insane.

"But I...!!" Why was this happening? Why couldn't Bakura just drop it and forget about it? He
looked over at the other boy who was laying comfortably on the Game Shop floor and then quickly
turned away. It was the truth, he couldn't help it but he did like this kiss even though it
was an accident. Maybe...maybe if he told Bakura the truth, he would leave Yuugi alone about it and
never mention it again. "F-fine." He started to say in a really small voice, "I liked it."

He what? Oh Gods, this was priceless. Bakura briefly wondered if the Game Shop had
cameras, so that he could show the Pharaoh footage of what had occured. He had to choke down
mass amounts of insane laughter, because he knew that if he started, he most likely wouldn't
stop for a long time.

Oh God this was so embarrassing!! Yuugi just continued to sit there timidly not saying
another word. He really really hoped that Bakura would never bring this up again or worse;

Tell his Yami about what happened.

Realizing how scary that though actually was, he slowly looked up at Bakura. "U-um...you're n-not
going to tell the Other Me about this are you?"

Bakura was going to respond, really, but his Shadows decided to stop bitching at him
for once and alerted him to an armed man outside. Now, blood loss or no blood loss, Bakura knew a thief
when he heard about one. Who the Hell would carry weapons if they weren't going to rob something? Oh.
Wait. Bakura did that. Nevermind.

"Midget." He said easily, slowly getting himself off of the floor.
"How would you like to participate in an armed robbery today?"

Yuugi stood up as well at looked at Bakura questioningly. "Huh? What do you mean, Bakura-San?" He
asked, blinking.

The midget was suffering from lack of a decent dark half, Bakura decided. He didn't even know what
"armed robbery" was. So, being the nice spirit/person/thing he was, Bakura decided to inform
Yuugi properly.
"Ok. An armed robbery is when a thief-- who shouldn't really be considered a thief, because theives
aren't seen while they're working-- attempts to steal-- and they don't really steal, because
the people hand over whatever willingly-- something. In this case, someone is going to attempt to take
something from this shop, because they're stupid and don't realise that Kaiba Mansion is on the other
side of town."

Hearing this the smaller boy began to panic.

"Whaaat!? Are you serious!? But...but why would someone try to steal from here!? Oh God, I hope
they don't hurt Jiichan!! Bakura-San what are we going to do!?"

...Maybe Bakura would've been better off running for the hills.
"Midget, you're going to breath and I'm--"
The tinkle of the bell announced the robber's arrival. Bakura lowered his voice to a hiss.
"You. Go and leave a message for Pharaoh, because he knows that I'm useless at the moment. Don't let
them see you, don't make any noise and don't-- fuck! Just don't do anything that will land you
in shit."

"But Bakura...!! I can't just leave you here with a robber!!" He argued in a rather loud whisper,
"What if you get hurt!?! I'm not going to leave you!!" His two hands clenched into fists, making
it known that he wasn't planning on going anywhere. But as soon as the bell rang again Yuugi gulped,
his courage sinking down a bit knowing that him staying would probably make things worse.
"F-fine...I'll go. But Bakura, please, be careful..." Bowing to him, he quickly left the room to
go and do what Bakura told him to.

"Thank you, Ra." Bakura muttered to himself, raising his arms in surrender before the robber could
command him to do so.
"I do hope you know that by holding up this store, you are using your health as a very expensive
bargaining chip."

But of course, Yuugi wasn't able to bring himself to go all the way upstairs. Instead he stood on
the third step, hidden by the wall and trying to be as quiet as ever. He was far to anxious to just
leave Bakura alone. "At least this way..." He thought to himself, ...I'll be able to do
SOMETHING if Bakura gets hurt!!"

The robber wasn't saying anything. 'Must be worried about voice recordings. Idiot.' Bakura mused.
He opened his mouth to say something-- quite possibly demand to know who was attempting to rob the
Game Shop, which was his territory, thank you very much-- but shut it with a "click" when he
heard the tell-tale sound of runners hitting the ground. So the robber was moving towards him. Great.

...Well, at least the midget was getting help, right? The Pharaoh would be here soon, and as much as
it pained him to admit it, the Pharaoh would be of more use right now. 'Course, if the room wasn't
spinning at random intervals, Bakura himself would have been able to disarm and kill knock out
the intruder.

And then there was a gun being placed in-between his shoulder blades. Bakura forced himself to remain
calm-- the darkness never dies, after all-- and reminded himself that the Pharaoh would be here soon.
Besides, there was a light here and the light's safety was his main priority-- he'd be as bad as the
Pharaoh if he allowed any light to get hurt-- so as long as he could keep the robber entertained until
Pharaoh got here, everything would be fine and dandy and Bakura would just have to get him back another
time, right? Right.

So. It was all up to Yuugi now.

Seeing that the robber had a gun made Yuugi panic once again. But he figured that Bakura would have
it under control. After all, Bakura was also a darker half and Bakura was also strong, just like
Yami was. But next thing he knew the robber had the gun held up against Bakura. Yuugi's face went
pale, Bakura may have been strong but he wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING if he got shot!!

Unable to stay quiet any longer, he made a sound; "BAKURA!! No!!" With a gasp, his hands quickly
covered his mouth immediately regretting saying something when Bakura specifically told him to be
quiet. The robber surely had heard him now.

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Didn't he specifically tell the midget not to make any noise?


Deciding that there was nothing else to do, Bakura slammed his elbow backwards into the robber's
right side, forcing his eyelids shut so that the spinning room wouldn't make him sick. He didn't
have long before the robber would recover-- after all, the gun was still between his shoulder blades,
and really? It was a wonder he hadn't been shot yet. The robber must've been an amateur.

His Shadows told him that the robber's finger was moving towards the trigger-- really, the Shadows
must've been rather attached to him-- so he ducked just before the bullet went zooming out. Then,
ignoring the pounding headache, he dodge-rolled to the side, getting a bullet in the shoulder for his
"Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck--" Another bullet, in
the same arm. Bakura bit down on his tongue, blood filling his mouth. Like fuck he would give
the robber the pleasure of hearing him scream.

Hearing the gun shots and Bakura's cursing, Yuugi got a basic idea of what happened. He ran out,
which probably wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it was the only thing he could think of.
"Bakura-san are you okay!?!" He exclaimed, becoming even more afraid when he saw the blood on
Bakura's arm. Bakura got shot.

Yuugi held back tears, this was practically his fault. If only he stayed put instead of hiding
like Bakura told him to, maybe he could've stopped the robber from shooting him somehow or at
least he could've taken the bullet for the thief. He rushed over to him placing a hand near his
wound, "You're hurt. You need to get out of here!! I could deal with this on my own!! Run!!"

...Great. If Yuugi had gone against two, perfectly clear orders, then what were the chances of
him actually telling the Pharaoh? Black was starting to creep into Bakura's vision, the added loss of
blood and pain quickly shutting his mind down.
"Midget." He slurred, blinking rapidly to stay awake.
"Get the fucking Pharaoh."

Yuugi shook his head becoming hysterical, "No!! I can't leave you!! If I leave you you'll get hurt
even more and I don't want that!!!!"

The robber was advancing upon Yuugi. Not Good. Notgoodnotgoodnotgoodnotgoodnotgoodbadbadbadbadbadhorriblebad.
Using whatever Shadows that would come to his aid, Bakura managed to get them to build a clumsy and
weak wall to seperate the robber from Yuugi. In half a second, the gun was aimed at Bakura's head,
the balaclava the robber was wearing was pulled up and off, revealing the face of an utterly terrified
American. How did Bakura know he was American? Well, the skin and hair (not to mention the eyes) kinda
gave it away.

The dark was closing in quickly around him, Bakura's eyelids drooped.
"Get. The fucking. Pharaoh." He rasped, struggling to keep him tight grip on conciousness and his
meager control over the few Shadows.

"Thank God I never turned it off..." He mumbled to himself imagining what it would be like to have
to turn on the computer and then wait for the internet to sign on. He fumbled through his buddy
list, Yami was online!! Which was no surprise, actually, but Yuugi was pretty thankful at the
moment. Quickly he typed a very brief message to Yami for help barely explaining what was going
"Other Me,
Danger. In the Game Shop. Bakura is here too. Bakura is hurt. Please help him. And please help me.

Now he needed to get back downstairs to Bakura. Hopefully Bakura was still okay and not hurt
anymore than he already was. And hopefully Yami would get there soon and save them. "Please hurry,
Mou Hitori no Boku..." he whispered to himself.

Kuru Eruna. Ryou. Battle City. Pharaoh. Palace. Tomb. Ring. Marik. Ring. Mother. Ring. Guards. Hot.
Ring. Ring. Ring. Yuugi. Ring. Marik. Ring. Shadows. Ring.

Memories were flashing by in a blur, barely allowing Bakura to register what they were. The Shadow
wall was weakening, he knew, but he couldn't do anything. The robber would get the light, and he
wouldn't be able to do anything about it because he was weak and stupid and obsessed.

Home. Fire. Marik. Kisara.

He hadn't died before. This would be a new experience.

Yuugi. Marik. Ring.




If he could-- but he couldn't-- but if he could-- but no, because he couldn't-- but but but


He had to but he couldn't. The wall was down. The robber was gone, and Bakura's mind shut down
before he could notice that the Shadows had started healing him.

Yuugi made his way back downstairs and down to where the robber and Bakura were. "Bakura-san!! I
contacted Yami and told him that---" He stopped in his sentence his whole body shuddering at the
sight he saw.

Bakura was on the ground lying unconscious.

Face turning pale, tears formed in his eyes immediately running down his cheeks the second they
formed. "No!! Bakura!! No!!"

This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening. Bakura wasn't dead...!! He couldn't die, he just
couldn't!! Running to Bakura's side he knelt down next to him and checked his pulse. No, he wasn't
dead...just knocked out. "Please wake up Bakura..." Yuugi whispered, still crying.

Yuugi felt so guilty, if only he stayed stubborn and never left Bakura's side. This wouldn't have
happened if he did that would it!? But why was this taking such a toll on him? Sure he didn't want
Bakura (or anyone for that matter) getting hurt or dying, but to feel as crappy as he did right
now? What was this?!

Mike-- also known as "The Robber"-- was scared, confused and annoyed. That kid just ignored
him! Him, the guy with the gun! Well, he'd fucking set that kid straight! He stomped over to
the kid and kicked him in the side, aiming his gun at the kid's head.
"Put your fucking hands up." He snarled, forgetting about his fear of voice-recorders.

Yuugi let out a small cry of pain when he got kicked and stared up helplessly at the Robber...or Mike.

He was screwed.

Shaking, and completely terrified that he was going to be killed, he did exactly what he was told
staring at Mike with very sad and very scared eyes. "Please, Another I, hurry!!!" He sobbed
in his mind.

Sbdiiejbdofbxids this kid could do the eyes. Mike's hand began to shake as he struggled to
form the willpower to look away from the eyes.

Bakura regained conciousness with a groan, his head pounding. Mike swung his arm around to aim at
the thief's head.
"Move and I'll shoot!"

"Bakura..." He whispered. Mike had the gun pointed to the thief again, he could hurt him again. No.
Now that Yuugi was here he wasn't going to let it happen. He didn't care if he got hurt doing this,
all that mattered was Bakura getting away safely. He turned to Bakura, "Bakura-san!! Quickly, get
out of here!!!" He turned back to the robber, "I'll be fine." He added even though he knew that the
thought of that was really unlikely.

If Bakura had been able to process what Yuugi was saying, he would have laughed dryly. Oh, yes, get
out while he's unable to move-- great plan. Really.
As it was, the thief was only just realising that no, he wasn't dead yet. (Well, actually, he
was dead, but he was in a living body so... yeah.)

Mike was ready to tear his hair out. He began to shoot at the pale one, but his arm yerked to the
side and the bullet hit the kid's leg instead.

Yuugi gasped and then cried out in pain falling backwards from the shock both of his hands going
straight to the wound in his leg. He hissed in pain. This hurt like hell. Yuugi had been
beaten up before, been attacked by the shadows, had body parts stolen from his body, been raped,
been attacked by shadows, been raped again, been emotionally hurt several times; but getting shot
in the leg with a gun? This was a new kind of pain. Suddenly everything went blurry. "Hah...I'm
so weak..."
He told himself, "Bakura was shot twice and he was able to hang on longer than
me. And Yami...Yami would've never gotten shot in the first place..."
His eyes closed and his
mind started wandering to one thing to the next and before he knew it; he blacked out.

Bakura's grip on reality returned fully just as Yuugi passed out. Instincts immediately kicking in,
he swung his leg out to trip Mike. Once the robber was down, Bakura used the same leg to pin him and
rolled on top of his body, holding him down the same way he had done to Marik earlier. Sirens reached
his ears, and for a moment, he paniced. Then he realised that he wasn't the thief this time, so everything
was fine.

Except... the midget wasn't awake. That was pretty much bad. Bakura's wounds were bleeding again,
once more accompanied by a spinning room. He allowed his mind to wander, trusting his weight to keep
Mike pinned. Once again, he didn't notice his Shadows holding the robber's wrists and ankles to the ground.

Bakura blacked out as soon as the police stormed through the door.
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