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[RP Log] [New member =O]

Hi Everyone~ I am Luna [or Ash o_O], and I am here to be the Kisara rper. :3 I also bring a RP between Marik and I on how Kisara is in the modern world.

:3 If anyone wants to contact me, my AIM is And Die Bleeding and my MSN is

Now, onto the rp log. :3

Who: Marik, Kisara
Rating: PG
Where: Starts off at the Shadow realm, then moves to Marik/Bakura's apartment.
Summary: Marik goes to the Shadow Realm to find a certain spirit. Finding her, he convinces her to take up a new body and come to the modern world 3000 years after she died. Taking his offer, they end up in his apartment where he begins to explain modern technology to her.
Warnings: Swearing, Nude Kisara for most of this rp.

The spirits swirled around him, weaving themselves into an endless valley of darkness. The only light that was present was the faint glow of the Sennen item, pointing the tanned spirit in the right direction. Marik continued his search, the Sennen ring he…borrowed from Bakura being his guide. It was useful but it only showed the direction, never states how far he must travel to find it.

Marik twitched at his surroundings as he continued to wander the spiritual prison. Then again, when he returns, he was gonna get bitched at and he would prefer to keep traipsing through this forgotten land for a while longer.


Transparent, pale white skin belonging to none other than the spirit of the woman’s body that once held the Ka of the blue Eyes white dragon of 3000 years ago floated around the strange realm of spirits, long silvery blue hair trailing along behind her as her eyes, bright blue eyes, remained closed.

How much longer did he have left to search for this girl? A couple hours? Damn Bakura and his PMS, can’t even go one day without being near his precious ring. Marik blinked as the ring ceased glowing, was that a good sign? He looked around at the spirits around him before spotting the girl within a couple of feet from where he was.

About. Fucking. Time.

He approached her, a bit cautiously so she wouldn’t get too scared and finally spoke to her, “You’re Kisara, right?”

The girl opened her eyes, staring at him a moment before she spoke, "Yes... I am... why?" She asked, tilting her head a little as she floated upwards a little, looking into his eyes as she was now face to face with the tanned boy. She watched him, awaiting an answer.

Marik smirked at the answer. He quickly answered, he didn’t want to be suspected of anything on first meeting the girl so, he kept it blunt.

“What would you say if I was willing to offer you another chance at life?”

Bright blue eyes grew wide. "B...but how?" She asked. "T-that’s not possible! it?" She was completely confused. And she couldn't help but notice his clothing -- where was he from? Why did he have a Sennen item? It confused her simple, 3000-year-old mind even more. She looked back up at him. Why did he wear such strange clothing? Many things about this man kept plaguing her mind, now.

“It is quite possible. I’m a spirit also and I’m able to walk the mortal world whenever I wish,” Marik grinned. She’s been gone so long, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince her to accept a second chance at living in the world outside of the shadows. Just how well she can learn about modern life, that would be more of a challenge. It was easier for him, he wasn’t born in the ancient times and despite how idiotic Malik was, he atleast knew the basics.

Kisara seemed to be thinking about this. "But why?" She asked, "Why are you offering me another chance at life? What do you want from me.. ? erm..." She asked, pausing a moment because she didn't know his name.

Shit, that was a good question. One he didn’t have a good answer to. He couldn’t say, ‘so you can mess around and destroy mental sanity while I sit back and boast that I can raise the dead.’ That would turn her off the idea completely. Marik grinned, getting an idea for a decent reply, and said to the girl, “Because of that priest you were so fond of back in Egypt.”

Her attention to this idea grew even more. Her eyes widened, "Seth-sama? What about him?" She asked, wringing her hands infront of her as she watched him closely. How did he know Seth? But she supposed that didn't matter. All that mattered was that he did know him.

Marik smirked at her curiosity when the priest was mentioned. He wasn’t going to mention he was talking about the priest’s reincarnation, that would just ruin it. Marik continued to string the naïve girl along and replied, “He’s alive. He didn’t ask me directly but, I’m sure if he would greatly appreciate it if he saw you again.”

For once, he was grateful that he dated Malik for reasons other then the sex. He learned to make up sentimental crap on the spot that was, surprisingly very useful.

Kisara's eyes grew wide. "H-how can he be still alive? It's been so many years! Did you bring him back to life, too?" she asked, clasping her hands infront of her chest, looking at him as if he were some sort of god-send.

“I can’t answer that right now,” Marik said. Sheesh, this woman asks too many questions. Any more and Marik will get really pissed and, in the process, lose any chance of making her alive again. “So, Kisara, are you willing to see him again?” he asked impatiently, crossing his arms over his chest.

Looking away a moment, it seemed as if she was trying to decide as soon as she could, what she would do. But she looked at him, as if she was seeing the sun for the first time ever. "O-of course!" She said, believing everything he had said, disregarding the fact that he never really answered her question.

Marik smirked and silently, concentrated on using the ring’s power. Truthfully, he had no clue what the fuck he was doing. He woke up with a damn body for no reason, not that he’s complaining, but he never actually found out how he came to get one or how to create one for this girl. So what now? Tell the shadows ‘Make this girl a body like you made mine?’ Feh, like that would work.

Kisara closed her eyes a little, feeling a little dizzy as this weird feeling began to overcome her soul began to feel like there was something more to it. She looked down at herself, confused at what was happening. Her entire body felt tingly. Wait -- what? She touched her face, then her arms and her hair -- she didn't look transparent anymore. Why? Had he already given her a body? Kisara's bright blue eyes looked up at him as she waited for an explanation.

“…” Marik blinked as the girl gained her own body instantly…How the fuck did that happen?! He should probably not ask questions, it hurt his head and he really didn’t care how she got the damn body, she just had it now. Shit, she’s looking at him now, probably for the same question that he didn’t know the answer to. “See, simple enough.” He replied she didn’t have to know that he did nothing at all.

Eye's gleaming with happiness, Kisara put a hand on the man’s shoulders. "Thank you so much! You must be some sort of god! You are so kind, giving me this body! I owe you many things!" She declared.

Glaring slightly at the girl, Marik endured the false praise he was receiving from her rambling. ‘Some sort of god?’ ‘Kind?’ 3000 years of no human contact made this girl very naïve, even more then the midget-hikari... which was oddly frightening. Well, once they go back to the apartment, she won’t be so trusting once he told her everything.

"How do I get out of this realm?" She asked, tilting her head slightly as she pulled her hand back. It was a good question, to her, anyways. She had no idea how he even got in here, let alone getting out. A complete mystery to the girl's old soul. Kisara looked down at her feet.

Tapping into the powers of the ring, the tanned spirit casually opened a portal back to the apartment he and Bakura lived in. “Like that.”

Looking around the room, Kisara thought to herself -- Where am I? This place looks so strange. "W...where are we?" She asked, crossing her arms over her chest. There were so many strange things. Large wooden things, tables, couches -- she knew none of it. She could only assume some of them, but they looked so different from Ancient Egypt.

Glancing at her, Marik twitched slightly. He had almost forgotten that she was now getting forced to cope with her new surroundings and she knew NOTHING. Where the hell was Bakura when you need him? They both lived in the same era, he could explain it to her at a pace she could understand. He sighed, rubbing his forehead slightly “Did I forget to mention roughly three thousand years had past since you died?”

Bright blue eyes stared at him in disbelief. "Has it really been that long?" She asked, as if she thought it had only been a few years. But, she supposed it made sense-- all these new things and the rooms looked so different. Was she even in Egypt anymore?

Marik felt like bashing his head against a wall right about now. Wasn’t that what he just said? She. Was. So. Fucking. Slow. He glared at her slightly and stated, “Basically, we’re in an apartment on an island known as Japan.”

Nodding, Kisara took it all in, taking a moment to think. "Okay," She replied, nodding her head once more. The girl glanced around the room once more, looking at the many things again before she looked back at Marik.

Glancing around himself, Marik wasn’t too surprised that Bakura wasn’t around. He was likely out buying something to kill him with. All that the blonde yami saw were a few bottles of bleach…he’ll ask later. Taking off the ring and leaving it on the table, Marik flopped onto the couch infront of the computer. He then noticed something, and he was actually surprised that he didn't notice this before now. "Kisara...."

Kisara looked at him, blinking slightly. "Y-yes?" She asked, tilting her head a little when she suddenly realized something. She didn't think she knew his name. Did he tell her? Assuming it wasn't important for now, she discarded the thought.

Coughing a bit, Marik tried to make this as blunt as possible to the ancient female spirit, “You need to do something about your clothes.”

Looking down at herself, the girl didn't seem to think it was all that embarrassing. After all, living in Ancient Egypt, the clothes were a little bit... sketchy. Thought, her face did tinge a little bit red. "I... don't have any," She said. It was an obvious fact, but it did prove that she couldn't do anything about it.

“That much was obvious,” He remarked, bit of a smirk on his face. Although it was amusing, having a naked girl walking around wouldn’t be the best option. He doubted he had any clothes of his own that fit her and Bakura wasn’t even an option to consider, despite how feminine the pale yami looked. Marik simply sighed and took off his own shirt, tossing it to Kisara. “You can wear that for now. I’ll bitch at Bakura to buy you something later.”

"Thank you," Kisara said as she caught the shirt and pulled it over her head. It took her a couple seconds, but she managed to get her arms into the sleeves just fine. She even managed to get it on without it being backwards. The white-skinned girl looked at Marik, "What is your name, again?" She asked, unsure if he had even said it before to begin with.

Blinking for a second, Marik realized he never actually told her. Shit, the girl was too trusting for her own good. “It’s Marik,” he replied and proceeded to turn on the laptop computer beside him. Marik didn’t even care any more what the girl did now. Aslong as she didn’t go anywhere near the kitchen and break everything…which was actually quite possible.

"Marik-sama," She repeated, nodding slightly as she smiled. Looking at the computer, she blinked. Now she was confused. What was this? He poked something and then the screen lit up like lightening. "What is that?" she asked.

"Technology. Once it came to existence, no modern day person can live without it." Marik commented, smirking a bit. "This is a computer. I don't use it much myself though, too much time spent on this thing and you lose your soul to it." It was an obvious exaggeration but, who really cares? It was damn funny to see her reaction to his small explanation.

Kisara stared at him with wide eyes. "Really? It will steal your soul if you spend too much time on it?" She repeated, then looked at the computer screen. "Is that a part of technology, too?" She pointed at the TV, "Would it eat your soul away, too?"

This was getting amusing now. “Not at first but, prolonged exposure would and it would take your soul bit by bit. It doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Just be cautious.” Ra, he could tell her the sky was a marshmallow and she would believe him. Marik considered experimenting more with this idea. Horror movies sounded like a good place to start, and watching Hostel would likely scare the shit out of the naïve girl.

She seemed to believe everything he said. Kisara nodded slowly. "Oh....That’s kind of scary, isn't it?" She asked, crossing her arms in her lap as she knelt on the floor beside him.

Shrugging a bit, Marik quickly typed something on the computer before turning it off. “No,” He said calmly to the girl, “Just a pain in the ass to deal with on occasion.” He didn’t know why but, he couldn’t help but talk…civilly to the blue-eyed spirit. He didn’t think that much of it, it wasn’t going to last.

"Oh, I see," She replied. Tugging on a couple strands of hair, she looking down at her hands. She looked back up at Marik, wondering what else was new in this era.

After a few moments of silence, Marik contemplated what to do with this girl now. Slavery was an option, but, it was very amusing having her believe every single word he said. He shook his head a bit, keeping her as a slave didn’t sound appealing to him at all. Despite the fact that it was all a trick, Kisara was the only person who actually trusted him and he didn’t want that gone. Atleast not now. He turned on the computer again, “I’ll show you how to use this. It won’t seem so scary once you figure it out.”

Watching the screen with an amazed look on her face as it lit up and images began to show up, and words. "What is the ... computer used for?" she said, looking at Marik again.

“Communication,” Marik tried to explain, quickly typing in his Livejournal as an example, “Other people sign onto this and you write to each other. Simple enough? But, Bakura uses it more then I do, you’d have to ask him.”

Kisara nodded as she watched the screen closely. "I get it. It's like putting your thoughts onto the computer instead of on parchment, right?" She asked

Despite the fact she was naïve and trusting, she was surprisingly a pretty fast learner. She was learning about something well past her time
And by an eight-year-old too which only made it that much more amusing. Marik nodded to the girl, "These are comments sent by other people here. Once you get your own journal, you would be able to write to other people too."

Kisara nodded once more. "Okay, I guess I get it," She replied. The blue-haired girl seemed to think it was all pretty complex, though, once she actually got to try it she had a feeling she'd explode the device or something along those lines.

Marik tried to explain the rest at a pace the girl could comprehend but, even with her being able to learn quickly, it was still frustrating as hell. “You can try experimenting with it. Once you figure it out, I’ll make you your own journal.” He got up and left the girl to head to the kitchen, maybe Bakura had some beer in the fridge.

She stood and followed him to the kitchen. She paused at the door, a look of utter and complete confusion crossing her pale face. "W-what are all these things?" She asked, referring to.. well, just about everything but the chairs and the table.

“More technology,” Marik replied twitching at the lack of anything to drink. Although it does explains why Bakura wasn’t around. He was exhausted, having traveled the shadow realm and then getting bored to death trying to explain to the girl how the laptop worked. He didn’t want to go into more explaining. At this moment, he forgot that he previously made a mental note to himself that the girl should avoid the kitchen at all cost.

"Oh. I see," She replied, walking over to the microwave and kneeling over to look at it.

Yawning a bit, Marik made is way back to the living room, letting Kisara continue looking around in the kitchen. He sat down and quickly wrote in his journal:

‘Just returned from the Shadow Realm.
Found what I was looking for.
Bakura, I’m returning your ring as promised...'

Curious, Kisara rose a hand to the microwave. It beeped when she touched it, and she blinked at it, confused as ever. Why is it beeping? She thought to herself. But when she pressed another button, there was suddenly a loud bang, followed by Kisara's high-pitched squeal.

At the sound of the explosion, eyes widened slightly, Marik turned around quickly to see what had just happened. After realizing what the blue eyes spirit had done, he growled before going back to his journal and wrote a bit more before sending the message.

'...and Kisara blew up the microwave. Buy a new one.'


Pleas don't kill me. xDD
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