Yami no Bakura (akefia_dono) wrote in ygo_sanctuary,
Yami no Bakura

Entertainment RP

Who: Yami no Bakura (akefia_dono) and whoever wants to join in.
Rating: M, for safety.
Where: Starts at the apartment Y.Bakura, R.Bakura and Y.Malik are currently "sharing".
Summary: Y.Bakura is bored without his two favorite dolls to play with. Stealing from anywhere in Domino has become too easy, as has murder. So, the dark half begins to brainstorm.
Warnings: Swearing, Yamis, possible (slight) gore/blood/guts, perversion, mind games, etc.


The light glinted off the silvery edge of the dagger, resting in the rough hand of an infamous thief, looking oh-so-innocent as it basked in the sun's rays. Sharply angled eyes were shut, a small frown on the pale face.

A low growl emitted from Yami Bakura's lips as his eyes snapped open, frustration shining clearly in their depths.
"Stupid fucking Pharaoh, leaving like that. No fucking consideration. Does he even give a fuck that the chances of me killing Yuugi went up over ninety percent, due to boredom-induced fits where I have no control over anything!?"





"Stupid damned Pharaoh."


"All his damn fault."



...Well, it's rather obvious that I'm useless at this.

The thrill was, simply put, gone. Non-existent. Not there. Unavailable.

There were no tricks to it anymore; no more fun in watching as his victims realized too late that they no longer had their prized possessions. And he knew exactly who to blame.

The Pharaoh.

It was all the Pharaoh's fault; if he hadn't suddenly up and left, Yami Bakura would still have some entertainment. Theft would still have that small zest of danger, would still give him the adrenaline rush that he craved so much.

Clicking his teeth together in frustration, Yami Bakura stretched himself out on his Yandoshi's couch, attempting to find a way to entertain himself.

...Stupid Pharaoh.
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