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Right. Now that I've heard from just about everyone on this, I'm going to make the longer version of my earlier post. Don't take anything said here personally, but I'm the mod, correct? That means it's my job to sort this shit out, and that's what I intend to do.

Misty. If you want to leave, you may. No one will try to make you stay if you don't want to. However. Otogi's inactivity is your responsibility. If you're unhappy with having him as a character, then that's just unfortunate, because Malik died from his own actions. Think chaos theory here.

If your primary concern for leaving is potential RP-death, try posting and commenting.

Ryou-mun. Why don't you try to post to other posts, instead of posting regularly and hoping everyone comes to comment to you? I'm well aware you post frequently, but you can't expect everyone to go post to you. Try posting to other people's posts as well.

A few points about your recent post. What "problems"? No one posted enough to his Journal? Not enough plot opened for him? As his -mun, you are responsible for making sure there is a plot for him. "Recent turn of events a few weeks ago."? Would that be Malik's death, by any chance? Or was there something else I missed that had a great effect on Ryou's playing?

If you wish things turned out differently, then wish away, but if things happened the way they did, it was for a reason.

"Let's make it easier for him to get action." Again, your job. 'Action' could also, by chance, count commenting to other posts. 'Action' will not fall into his lap. If you want to form a plot for him, make one. It is not the mod's job to dish out plots for everyone. Also, the posts Ryou makes have a ::Private:: entry tone. You might want to address this and make them more conversational.

And, as a side note, do you put black text into Ryou's posts using html?

By the by, you are a good Ryou roleplayer. It's your -munly duties falling down.

Somehow, I think the three yamis fighting would be ever-so-slightly disastrous. Think WORLDGOBOOM. 8D But yay, a suggestion.

If any of you are wondering why Jou-mun isn't going to be whined at for occasional droops of activity, it's because she has modly permission to do so when she needs to.

Marik-mun doesn't comment much, but does RP, and doesn't complain about a lack of activity.

There has been a lack of activity, and I point this out for the last time Yami and Seto can't do much. Seto-mun took on Mokuba to make the plot easier, and if you haven't bothered to read the comments or posts concerning this plot, then you're only putting yourself at a disadvantage and no one is obligated to spell everything out for you because they have read it.

Yuugi has kept up with regular posting and commenting, and although he has made a slight droop recently, it's explained by the lack of activity on the part of others.

Elle, can you fit in more posting and commenting? It would be really helpful. 8D

Ryou-mun, if you want to leave, that is completely your decision. If you want to stay, get action for Ryou instead of waiting for it. Commenting is your friend.

Misty, same as above. If you want to leave, up to you. You're aware that leaving means loss of co-modly-ness? If you want your layout removed for whatever reason, let me know.

Yami and Seto are in the process of roleplaying out when Seto is found. The outcome hasn't been decided yet. I know for sure that Yami will be up and posting as soon as the RP is done and the ending is out, but until then? Don't expect posts and comments.

I take it you're both dropping the plot idea you had?

And Ryou-mun, was your "whim" at all brought on by Misty's post seven minutes before yours? If your wanting to leave has anything to do with Misty's, no one's going to thwap you for it, but "whim" is either the wrong word to use or a suspicious one.

Oh, and call me whatever you want/take this whatever way you want/do whatever you want. I could really care less about your personal reactions to the comm, and more for your RP reactions.
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