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Who: Yuugi _aibou and Marik sevenxsins
Rating: PG-13 for Marik's language.
Where: Game shop at night
Summary: Marik goes to the game shop to steal Malik's old things. But of course the cute midget has to interfere. 8D

Yuugi was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. The house was so
much quieter without Malik around. Did Yuugi want him back? He was so
scared of Malik after he was raped, but he couldn't help but feel
sorry for the energetic blonde. Nobody deserved to die. No one.
Sighing, Yuugi closed his eyes. Maybe he would take a nap. There was
nothing else to do. Yami was now living with Kaiba and Ryou ran away
from the game shop in fears of Bakura finding him. Soon after closing
his eyes Yuugi drifted off into a light sleep.

Marik was outside in front of the Game shop, looking around for a way
inside without notice. Most would have been given the idea that he
would attempt to kill someone in the household in vengeance for his
deceased hikari. A likely idea but very false. He didn’t give a
shit about the whore or was willing to kill anyone in his name, Marik
just wanted Malik’s old possessions, preferably any cash that Malik
had kept or one of his credit cards. Marik walked around the shop to
find a back door and smirked, breaking the glass to unlock the door
from the inside. Bet Pharaoh would love to hear about this.

Because of his sleep not being very heavy, he was awoken with a gasp
hearing glass break. Yuugi sat up rubbing his eyes and then stood up
walking quietly in the direction where he heard the sound. He peeked,
and didn't see anything. Yuugi gulped feeling an uneasy feeling being
created in the pit of his stomach. He then sneaked down the stairs,
nervous as ever, to see if someone was there.

"H-hello?" He called out in a small nerve-shaken voice.

Closing the door behind him, Marik walked into the Game shop, wiping
the blood from his hand on his jacket. He turned towards the stairs
when he heard the voice, although it was barely noticeable in the
first place. He wasn’t bothered by it, it was obviously Yuugi and
the midget couldn’t do a damn thing even if he tried.

Finally making his way down the stairs he saw Marik standing there.
The color drained from Yuugi's face seeing the other boy standing
there in his house. Marik always gave him a bad feeling and frankly
he was terrified of him. The fact that he was home alone with his
Yami no where near by just made Yuugi feel even worse. After a moment
of just staring, Yuugi got up the courage to speak.

"M-Marik? What are you doing here?"

Heh. Marik could only grin at the small hikari’s reaction to his
presence, complete and total fear was always a good sight to come to
upon arrival. And with no Pharaoh in sight… this could be fun.
“Well, little one, in return for the pharaoh and his little priest’s
massacre of my own hikari, I thought a little revenge would be
in order.”

Yuugi's mouth dropped with the word "revenge". Just the way Marik
said it alone made Yuugi shake all over. Backing away slowly Yuugi
tried saying something but no sounds came out. Where was his
Other Self?! There was no guarantee that Marik was really going to
hurt him but ever since being raped Yuugi's trust towards other
people began to wary.

"Hm, I now have no hikari while our dear pharaoh still has his,"
Marik continued, loving every single second of his little charade.
The small ones fear constantly rising at every word he spoke.
"Perhaps I should even things out."

Yuugi backed up yet even more. Marik was going to kill him.
Shaking and quivering Yuugi managed to speak, "N-no...Marik I'm
sorry!! I'm sorry about what happened to Malik!! But
please...don't..." Yuugi felt his eyes tearing up out of instinct. He
didn't want to die. No, he REALLY didn't want to die.

Marik couldn’t remember the last time he had this much fun scaring
the pharaoh’s hikari. It was too damn funny to just watch him start
to cry in fear, thinking that he would be killed. “’Please don’t’
what, little hikari?” Marik asked, sadistic grin on his face, “After
all, these words could be your last.”

A tear rolled down Yuugi's cheek followed by another one. "Please
don't k-kill me...I'm begging you...don't..." Yuugi stood there
sobbing helplessly staring down at the floor. "Mou hitori no me...!!"

That did it, Marik just bursted out into a cold laugh at Yuugi's
pleas. He couldn’t help it anymore! Begging for your life never
looked so freaking pathetic! Once he regained his composure, he just
smirked at the little hikari and said, “You should start learning to
figure out when someone is lying to you. It’s too damn easy.”

Yuugi blinked away the last of his tears to stare blankly at the
hysterical Marik. "You mean you were kidding this whole time? You're
not going to kill me?" Yuugi took a deep breath relieved that
he wasn't going to die right there and then. He then turned back to
Marik glaring at him ever so slightly. "That wasn't funny!! You
really scared me!!"

Ra the midget can not glare, it just looked funny to see him try. “My
sense of humour is different from yours. Besides, killing anyone in
the name of that whore would be an insult to myself and the person
that would die for it.” Marik commented heading up the stairs towards
his hikari’s old room, “I’m just here to take some of Malik’s

Not caring if he was pushing his luck or not, Yuugi followed him.
"Malik's not a whore!! How could you say that? I thought you loved

Marik turned to face Yuugi and smirked, "You believed that I actually
loved him? You're more naive then I thought." He opened the door to
his hikari's room to see nothing much had been moved, a layer of dust
forming over everything.

Yuugi looked at Marik with a saddened expression. "You mean you were
lying about that too? How could you do that? That's...that's
terrible!!" Yuugi couldn't understand someone could do that to
another person. "Marik, I think your hikari really loved you..."

so, Malik loved him...yeah, he figured that out already. After all,
Malik was living proof that there was a truth behind the term 'dumb
blonde.' "And your point would be?" Marik asked, looking through
some of Malik's drawers to find something of use. Instead, he just
found pink everything. Damn idiotic hikari was more useless then he

Yuugi watched as Marik tore the room apart going through drawer after
drawer in Malik's room only to growl at what was inside them. "My
point is that it was wrong of you to lie to your hikari like that!!"
Poor Malik...the person who he loved was lying to him the whole time
and it was too late for him to do anything about it. He was gone. "I
don't understand how you could do that!!"

What the fuck was with everything being pink?! Everything was
fucking pink. Clothes, accessories, random stuff he didn't even
want to know what it was! Even all of his bondage stuff was
pink! "How?" he repeated, "Simple, I'm a bastard who doesn't care
about anything other then myself." Marik searched Malik's jacket to
finally find success with an obviously pink wallet.

"But...that's not right." Sure, Yuugi was stating the obvious, but
someone needed to tell Marik. Yuugi couldn't imagine not being
able to care about another person! It was impossible!! "That can't be
true!! I'm sure there's someone out there that you care about other
than yourself."

Marik didn't have to think about this, he knew the answer instantly.
"Nope." He didn't have the emotions to care about anything or
anyone, although Bakura would be higher on the list then anyone else
but they were mostly just acquaintances.

Yuugi sighed, "But you seem to lie a lot, so I'm not going to believe
that. C'mon Marik...there has to be at least one thing that you care
about that doesn't involve yourself."

This was getting really annoying. What does it take to make this
brat understand a simple 'no'? "I don't see your point if I
constantly lie. There's no one or nothing that I care about, end of
story." Shit, if the midget doesn't stop prying, he was going to
have one pissed off eight-year-old to deal with.

"But Marik..." Clearly Marik was the one person who really
didn't care about anyone else but his own self. "You don't miss your hikari at all? It really makes no
difference to you that he's dead?"

"Oh, it makes a difference," Marik said, taking Malik's gold jewelry
and putting everything in a bag he found (that was not pink.) "I am
now without a whore."

Yuugi watched as Marik stuffed a bag of some of Malik's belongings
that were of some worth and not pink. "That's not nice...I told you,
Malik's not a whore."

Marik looked at Yuugi at this comment and smirked, “He’s enough of a
whore to get desperate and rape you on more then one occasion.” It
was a harsh statement but, who fucking cares? Maybe now he will shut
up and stop talking about useless shit.

Yuugi opened his mouth and then closed it again. He turned away from
Marik having no response to his newest comment. Yuugi hated being
reminded of that. "Well..."

Marik didn’t bother listening, he knew Yuugi would react that way to
the mention of the rape, it was very predictable. He just focused on
what he was doing: taking what belonged to his dead other half that
was worth something.

Yuugi was silent for a little longer and then he finally began
speaking up again. "In any case, you should try being nicer, Marik."

Fuck, not this again. Marik twitched a bit while counting the bit of
money he found in the room. “Will you just give that a rest? It’s
falling upon deaf ears, if you hadn’t noticed.” If this keeps up,
Marik was just going to silence the brat permanently and slice off
his tongue.

"But Marik!!! Don't you want to at least TRY being nice?!" Yuugi was
not the type to easily give up and right now was a perfect example of

Shit, it’s not shutting up. Yuugi was like a furbie! Somewhat cute
to start out with then just annoys the hell out of you and should be
locked in a dark closet with the key thrown away. “...No.” was the
answer to that very stupid question.

Wow Marik really was evil. Well Yuugi knew that already, but
he thought that he could at least convert Marik to being at least a
tiny bit nicer. "But..." Yuugi sighed, there was probably no way to
change the other boy.

Well, Marik was now pissed. Yuugi being quiet was a bit better now
but, Malik really owned nothing but shit, a computer and very little
cash, he was pretty sure the credit cards were maxed too. Well, with
that being a failure, with the exception of the laptop computer,
Marik just sat down in the very trashed room, pink clothes and kinky
costumes all around him.

Yuugi stared at Marik seeing his angry expression. Yuugi decided that
it would be a good idea if he didn't try to get Marik to be nice or
anything. The last thing he wanted was to get hurt. Trying to change
the subject he looked around Malik's room, "Wow...Malik owned a lot
of pink stuff, huh?"

"No shit, Sherlock." Marik growled, wondering why Yuugi was stating
the obvious "a lot of pink and very little of anything useful." An
idea came to him and he grinned, taking the bag and getting up. "So,
onto door two."

Yuugi merely blinked at Marik. "Door two...?" He questioned. "What
are you talking about? I thought you were just going to take Malik's
old things..."

"At first, yes," Marik admitted, "But Malik's stuff is mostly
worthless so, I'm gonna look around to see if there is anything
better. I think I'll start with Pharaoh's room." The Bastard should
have something that could be sold. He was a former pharaoh and he
was dating a multi millionaire stuck up priest reincarnate, that had
to mean there was some money.

Yuugi knew he had to stop him. Malik was dead, so it was fine if
Marik took his things. But there was no way Yuugi was going to
let Marik steal from Yami. "No!! You can't do that!! I won't let
you!!" Yuugi exclaimed, rushing to the doorway standing in front of
it. He stretched both of his arms out in a way to keep Marik from
getting past him.

Feh, this was so pitiful it wasn’t even funny anymore. He didn’t
really understand why he would attempt to stop him, possibly that
Yami-hikari bond or something like that, but he didn’t care about
that. “And how, pray tell, do you plan on stopping me? You know I
can kill you any time I want and I was generous enough to let you
live as long as you have. Don’t tempt me, brat.” He growled, the
faster the hikari moved, the faster he could get what he wanted and
the faster he could leave.

Yuugi gulped, nervous as ever, but he didn't budge from his spot.
Sure he was scared. He had every reason to be. Marik was kidding
about killing him earlier but now he was angry and Yuugi was sure
that Marik would not hesitate to kill him now. "I...I don't k-know
how I'm going to stop you," Yuugi started to say trying his hardest
to sound brave but failing. "But there's no way I'm going to let you
steal from my Other Self!"

Raising an eyebrow, Marik looked at the smaller teen's persistence in
keeping his place. Heh, he had to admit it was admirable, the hikari
was on the verge of tears yet still stayed where he was. But there
was still something bothering him as to why he would go to
such lengths just to protect something. It didn't make sense to him.

Shaking all over, Yuugi continued standing in the doorway staring up
at the taller boy with an angry yet scared look in his eyes. "I'm not
letting you steal from him." Yuugi repeated, "So just g-go home…!!”

"Heh, you expect me to take orders from you?" Marik laughed a bit at
this idea. "You don't want to get h

Yuugi gulped again shaking his head no. OF COURSE he didn't want to
get hurt. But his Other Self...he had to help him out. He had to do
this for him. "I'll do whatever I have to if it's for the Other Me."

This was sad, no one should be that…loyal. Maybe Marik could test
his limits, see how loyal the hikari could be. But, maybe it could
wait for another time, he was getting bored of this. Marik smirked,
turning around and heading back downstairs.

"I...did it!?" Yuugi asked himself. Did he really stop Marik?
On his own? Yuugi couldn't help but be extremely proud of himself. He
had just stopped Marik from doing anything without the help of his
own Yami or anyone!! Without moving or saying anything, Yuugi watched
the boy walk back downstairs.

Che, the brat was internally gloating, he could tell. Well, can’t
have that now can he? “I’m gonna let you off easy today, Yuugi.” He
said smirking at the small boy, “Next time I see you, I can only
guarantee pain.” Heh, whatever confidence he had now was definitely
gone, it was so easy to tell with Yuugi. “Have a nice night.” Marik
grinned before leaving the game shop through the front door. Oh this
shall be fun.

All the fear that had managed to disappear had now returned and hit
the small boy like a ton of bricks. Yuugi fell down to his knees,
shivering. What did Marik mean by that? What was he planning on
doing? Biting his lower lip, Yuugi decided that it was probably a
good idea to not tell his Other Self about what happened. He was just
going to have to be extra careful to hide from Marik and stay away
from him at all costs.
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