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I'm bored. Blame it on Ototo who will know right away if I use any of his credit cards. It sucks being classified as dead.

Kaiba Noa - Birthday WishList:

1. A body (likely not going to happen, though).
2. Someone to visit me when I manage to make my new Virtual World to my liking.
3. For Yami to die stop hanging around Ototo.
4. To at least get Yami maimed checked for STDs and STIs.
5. Bribe the doctor to test Yami "Positive" for a number of STDs.
5. A credit card that Seto won't be able to track.
6. Company other than online idiots and Ototo.
7. Kaiba-Corp.
8. Malik's spirit to be trapped in my Virtual World.
9. Ototo to start dating someone who minds their own business has a brain.
10. (((Elle wants a Mokie ;.;))) Information on every single piece of porn that Ototo's ever looked at or read. Purely for blackmail purposes.
11. Ototo to stop lying about his health.
12. Fire a few workers.
13. Sabotage something.
14. Find out how that cat keeps managing to get past the doors.
15. Block out all video and audio from Seto's room. I really don't need to see my little brother naked for an idiot.
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