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{{{Screened for the Midget}}}

Brat. I'm not going to kill Malik that's Farrow's job but I am going to have a little fun with him.

I'm telling you because I want you to know that bastards suffer, even if they're the fuck-buddy of an aquaintance.

Kaiba's probably already offered his services, so now I offer mine. Tell Farrow about any of this and I'll skin you, then turn you into a brand new cushion. Blah blah blah, here if you need someone to talk to, yadda yadda, add in some bullcrap and you're on the way to most speeches given by Farrow.

You're probably more comfortable talking to Kaiba than anyone else, but if you ever need a darkness's touch and your pathetic Yami isn't around, let me know. I doubt Kaiba can absorb the darkness like Farrow, Marik or I can. No, I'm not puffing up in pride.

Anyway, talk to Kaiba. He's better at this shit than I am.
If Malik even thinks of pulling a stunt like this with Yandoshi, I'm going to fucking feed him his intestines with a fucking spoon and make him like it.
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