Maliku-Kun (x_maliku) wrote in ygo_sanctuary,

..::ROLEPLAY::.. [friendship]

Who: Malik (x_maliku) and Yuugi (_aibou). Other can join, if it's their will to. But if we don't want you to, we will, most definately, bite off your fingers.
Rating: PG-13
Where: Inside of Otogi's house, at the party. Duh.
Summary: Malik attempts to create a conversation between him and his former friend, Yuugi, with hopes of sewing back together the tears in their friendship.

Now that Yami had scurried off elsewhere, Malik's attention switched to Yuugi. He really wanted to talk to him; just an innocent conversation, like ones they used to have. After recent events, though, it seemed as if the young boy was completely frightened of the mere sight of Malik.

Grabbing his Vernaccia di San Gimignano off of the nearby glass topped table, he headed towards the Pharaoh's lighter half. Perhaps this was the perfect time for them to become friends again.

"Hey, Yuugi-kun," Malik said as he approached the boy, a smile forming on his lips. "I like your costume," he commented, looking the boy up and down. It was pretty cute. Not as cute as his own costume, of course. Not even close. The collar was especially cute; it was the first thing Malik's attention had been drawn to. As a matter of fact, he began to want one of his own, even though he already had his own choker with a collar around his tanned neck at the moment. Fake bite marks were covering Yuugi's neck and shoulders; for a moment, Malik actually thought that they had been real.

Wrong thoughts, wrong thoughts.

The chain was cute, too. It maked Yuugi look especially like a sex slave cute little pet.

Like a chiuahuahua.

Only less yappy, and more furry.

And cuter!

Yeah, much cuter. Almost as short, though. And his eyes weren't as beady, and he didn't shake every single second of his life.
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