Bakura Ryou (msterthewill) wrote in ygo_sanctuary,
Bakura Ryou

Roleplay: Bakura wanders in the dark.

Who: Bakura (msterthewill ), anyone actually wearing clothing interested
Rating: G PG
Where: Somewhere outside Otogi's apartment.
Summary: Bakura is a confused, walking angst magnet--and he's got a mystery to solve.

While there was a little voice telling him it was wrong, combined with an everlasting surge of self-doubt plaguing him since yesterday, Bakura (for some reason, he assumed in his mind) got dressed in costume and now found himself standing outside of Otogi's apartment. The mumbling under his breath got worse as he stared up at the darkened building, clutching an over sized magnifying glass.

It didn't help he was cold; never mind the fact he wore a heavy sweater (with a tie) underneath the long duster he almost had difficulty walking in. He sighed, knowing it had been hard for him, at least, to confront the weird jumbled thoughts rousing in his mind. What exactly had he been thinking? Apart from his plans regarding listening into the supernatural, the kinds of things he thought now were different. Unusual thoughts that completely scared him; he never ever considered saying some of the things the voices told him. He (greatly) wanted to alleviate the befuddled smog fogging his mind, the voices, which kept speaking ridiculous things to him, and the way his eyes filled with a detached wonderment bothered him. Bakura blinked, believing it was a little absurd, though he looked away, not to draw attention from anyone else walking by.

Pulling down his hat, then fixing his rather large glasses upon his nose, Bakura took a few more steps closer toward the entrance. "At least," he whispered to himself, staring at the front door, "my costume didn't go to waste after all."

Hours earlier, the boy found himself abandoning Yami and Yuugi's party, wanting to head off to Otogi's apartment himself, free of the guilt cloud surrounding him (he also figured they wanted time alone, albeit the guilt cloud floating over his head now). He hoped he wasn’t drawing attention because of his costume. Although the long duster was black and just shy of reflecting translucent patterns in the light, his floppy hat was sewn together using pieces of polka dot and plaid fabric; an idea occurred to him sewing the hat to use those pieces too (also, he ran out most of his plaid pieces). Bakura had a feeling he looked fairly plain up against most of the costumes he was going to be seeing.

The walk was long, which was why he left about an hour in advance to get ahead. Bakura left a neatly scribbled note on a table where he was sure Yuugi would find it. Though, Bakura mused, if they didn't see it he would have to come up with a long-winded explanation about why he came here alone. He noticed his friends worried when he left alone-or became gradually worried about his relatively aloof behavior.

Bakura grinned somewhat, thinking about their responses, only to falter glancing through his oversized magnifying glass. A silly little detective he was, dressed in mismatched clothing as if he did not have the funds to supply a better outfit. Although this was true (and the fact he'd been hiding for the past few hours along with leaving early) he did not let it bother him. But of course, with the little rain cloud hovering after him, he was reminded of possibly taking several guilt trips within the following hours.

Bakura held a trembling hand to the door; he hesitated, but began to knock. "It won't take long for him to answer," he thought.
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