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First Arrival

Characters : Malik and Otogi
Summary : Malik, the pink-loving whore, shows up for the party early.

After a small bit of time spent walking through the snowy streets, a petite bunny rabbit sniffed the air and looked at the glass door, which invited him to where the nice, comforting warmth was. The rabbit moved his mouth up to the door, blowing on it gently, and watching the glass become transluscent as opposed to clean and transparent. Happily, he trailed a nail along the foggy spot, drawing a heart.

Needless to say, this was not an ordinary bunny. Not a bunny at all, actually. More like a call-girl; well, as people watching the bunny cross the street thought. Truth be it, the rabbit was a boy, and not of the "call" kind whatsoever. Though he could be mistaken for one, considering his unusually short, perfectly white shorts with long, pink ribbons, which were tied into two plump bows, of course, yet allowed loose strands to dangle across and off the material.

Maybe it wasn't the shorts that made several older men look up from their activities and let out ear-splittng wolf-whistles; maybe it was the fact of the rabbit-like features? You would whistle, too, if you saw an attractive person trodding down the street with fuzzy pink ears and a cottony tail of the same color.

Then again, it was quite possible that the slight ruckus that was caused was due to the fact of the shirt he was sporting; it was a bit odd for a male to be wearing.

A bit odd.

Understatement of the century.

The shirt was colored in light lavendar, only one shade away from pink, and revealed his midriff. (Yes, of course, he was wearing his new, bright pink belly-button ring.) The color of the shirt wasn't the problem; he wore a color similar to that on a daily basis. And it wasn't the midriff, either; though you usually don't see someone of his gender walking around with their midriff completely visible. In bright, sparkly, curvy, bubbly letters, which went from the bottom left of the shirt to the top right, the word "PLAYMATE" was.

Another whistle could be heard as Malik's chunky pink and white boots hit the snow, his jewlry, which consisted of several white and hot pink rubber bracelets, a lavendar charm bracelet on the opposite wrist, white hoop earrings, and a white choker with a pink bell, janged, jingled, and rang as he opened the door to Otogi's apartment building. The noise could easily be mistooken as the sound of the bell that sounded when the door was shoved.

Malik took his fuzzy coat off, revealing that his shirt (thank god) had somewhat of long sleeves; if that's what you can consider to be white fishnet material under a shirt. Several heads turned in his direction, though he was completely oblivious to it. All he wanted to do was get to the party. His gaze fixed intently on reading the number he had scribbled onto a piece of scrap paper, Malik came near to running straight into the elevator. It was a good thing he looked up when he did, or he could be cursing at the evil form of transportation from one floor to another for 'appearing' out of 'nowhere' and causing him to smash into it. Alright, it looked like Otogi's apartment was located at the second floor. Lifting up a tan finger, Malik pressed it against the arrow potinging upwards, causing it to light up in neon green. After a few moments, a 'ding' rose throughout the first floor; the signal that the elevator was back at the main floor. The doors opened, and Malik stepped in, pressing the button marked "2." There was no one in the elevator, which made him more comfortable than if it was jam-packed of dozens of anxious people. It only took a small period of time for another dinging sound to be heard; he had reached the second floor. Malik quickly stided out the door, his ribbons trailing across the carpeted floor. Otogi's apartment was only two doors away from the elevator, so, needless to say, it didn't take him much time to reach the door.

"Otogiiiiiii," Malik exclaimed in a singsong voice as his knuckled collided with the door. "I'm here!"

For a moment, there was no response.

It seemed as the party hadn't started yet; the blond heard no voices and no music. Glancing at his watch to see what time it was, he had an epiphany; he was ten minutes early. (Idiot.)
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