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Roleplay : Yami and Yuugi

Characters : Yami x_darkside and Yuugi _aibou
Rating : Tame 8D
Summary : Let's get ready to paaartaay 8D
Status : Interruptable. Takes them to the party.

Yami finished up cleaning his piercing, rotating the silver ring as instructed. The party marked three weeks and one day. Nowhere near healed. He should have done more research on it before finding out it could take anywhere between three to six months to heal.

The mesh shirt was a risk, too, but it was a circular piercing. He figured it would be alright; what was there to catch on a ring? He pulled the sleeveless shirt over his head, tucking it into the waistband of the leather pants he’d bought in the sex shop. The memory of that place and Malik’s outfit made him shudder.

He inspected himself in the mirror. It looked as good as could be expected. He lifted the white poet shirt from the back of his computer chair – throwing a careless eye to the screen for any sign of a comment pop up He had to stop doing it. Really. - and pulled the shirt on to fasten the first half of buttons, again tucking it into the waistband of the pants.

A glance to the clock, now. Six pm. He had made sure to call and book a taxi in advance for Yuugi, Ryou and himself. After all, if it was Otogi hosting this party, he could bet that half the city would be there. Not to mention the media Otogi had invited. The creator of DDM, the King of Games and the CEO of Kaiba Corporation all in one room was a Domino City reporter’s dream. And that was without mentioning who else Otogi might know for him to invite.

He fastened his belt, opting for just the one. He wouldn’t need his deck tonight, and more over didn’t trust in their safety as long as the media would be there. After a phone call to Otogi for directions to his apartment for the taxi, he had demanded a list of reporters, discovering that Otogi had managed to include some of the most desperate journalists in the whole city. He did, however, have Devil’s Sanctuary tucked into the back pocket of his jeans and zipped shut.

He wound the thick collar around his neck, already fearing the chaffing that was going to occur. He grabbed a little black bag, heading into the bathroom – which was blissfully empty – to take up post in front of the mirror. He applied just enough dark eye shadow for a smoky effect and teamed it with his usual eyeliner. He attached the fake fangs, letting them set before dabbing some of his bottle of fake blood around his mouth, pocketing the rest for top ups.

Back to his room, where he donned his black boots, fishing his leather jacket out of the wardrobe. He took another scrutinising look in the mirror. He would get his ears pierced again, like he had had in Egypt. But for now, his outfit would do. He was looking good, he had to admit. Just let Seto try and resist him. He paused, glancing over his shoulder at the box of condoms, wincing slightly. Trojan Magnum. Trust Grandpa. He had half expected Grandpa to be kidding, only to return from an unsuccessful hunt for lavender oil to find those sitting on his bed.

He hesitated, then stepped forward and grabbed the box, gnawing on his lower lip. Was he being too presumptuous? Probably. Scowling at himself, he opened the packet and shoved three in his back pocket, throwing the box into a drawer and hitting it shut with his knee. Emergency only. Especially for Yuugi, too.

He doubted he and Kaiba would be using them, but it was better to be safe than sorry, wasn’t it?

Yami sighed, lifting one of the neck chains off the bed, fastening it below his collar. He fastened his wrist cuffs before picking up the set of chains for Yuugi. He made some final adjustments to his hair – which had been lightly gelled for the occasion and optimum staying power – before leaving his room, as satisfied as he’d ever be.

He knocked on Yuugi’s bedroom door, “Aibou, are you ready yet?”
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