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Characters : Yami x_darkside and Yuugi _aibou
Rating : PG
Summary : Yami needs a shoulder to bleed on ... who better to go to than his aibou?

RP occurs in the comments. No interruptions to this RP. Pre-party, dated 23rd of January.

Yami took a final glance at the last comment showing on the screen. Seto. "I don't care what ideas you have." before he pushed the keyboard back under the desk. "You don't care about much, do you?".

He stood up, one last look at the icon. Just another look. Seto.

He turned away sharply, fist clenching. Counted backwards from ten, hitting zero with a slow breath. He had to be as calm as possible. He would ask Yuugi for ... he wasn't sure what, but something. He guessed he needed a hug. Needed someone to sit and listen and talk to. Needed to ask someone if they thought Seto loved him. He was suddenly seeing Malik's situation with his yami in a different light.

Not that Seto had to love him. Caring was all Yami wanted. He knew Seto cared, knew it had been mentioned somewhere. 'You are important' was etched into his brain and there was comfort in that. Seto had said things, but Seto said more things. Seto said things change. It didn't matter if he asked why Yami thought it concerned him specifically, but what other 'things' could be involved with the sofa?

He wandered out of his room, leaving his music paused and computer buzzing away, oblivious to it's owner's brainbleed. He peered down the hall, the end of the couch in view. He could remember the weight, the comfortable weight, Seto's mouth on his, hands on him, hands on belt. Yami sourly wished he'd never stopped him. The kisses on his forehead. There had been two. Comforting, reassuring and so un-Seto like they had to mean something.

Something. Yami was something to Seto. Boyfriend, partner, beau. Would have been suitor in Egypt. They weren't lovers. He hesitated to add 'not yet' to his thoughts. Seto told him not to count on it. But Seto had been the one with his hands on Yami's belt and the one pushing his hips down.

He tore his eyes away from the end of the sofa, crossing the hallway to Yuugi's bedroom door, grasping the handle.

Yuugi loved him. Was ... in love with him. That was something Yami just couldn't take in. He'd seen his aibou cry, made him cry before, and Yuugi had accepted it before. He had meant what he said to Yuugi; he was the most important person to Yami. Like Mokuba and Noa were more important to Seto than Yami. It didn't matter if Yuugi was in love with him. Yuugi would understand and Yuugi wouldn't judge and Yuugi would always be there. Even when Yami betrayed him for the darkness, Yuugi saved him. Yuugi, his other half, his light, his partner. They had an infallible, unbreakable bond. Yami trusted him above anyone else in the world. He couldn't find anyone else who he'd be able to voice his insecurities and worries. Especially about Seto Kaiba. Even if Yuugi hated it, Yuugi would understand. Yami needed his aibou. He just hoped his aibou needed him, too.

Because even through thick and thin, they were still partners.

He took a breath, then pushed open the door, looking past it to his hikari, "Aibou?"
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