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What's this? Why, it's an RP!

Summary: After demanding that Marik meet him at his hotel room, Bakura proceeds to make an idiot out of himself and confuse Marik. Some things are revealed, such as Bakura's thinking pattern and really? No problems are solved. ^_^
Rating: I'd probably say "M", due to the amount of cursing. I dunno, because I've never seen a PG13 film with this language.
Characters: Yami no Malik and Yami no Bakura.

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Kisara :: Slaying the Dreamer

[RP Log] [New member =O]

Hi Everyone~ I am Luna [or Ash o_O], and I am here to be the Kisara rper. :3 I also bring a RP between Marik and I on how Kisara is in the modern world.

:3 If anyone wants to contact me, my AIM is And Die Bleeding and my MSN is

Now, onto the rp log. :3

Who: Marik, Kisara
Rating: PG
Where: Starts off at the Shadow realm, then moves to Marik/Bakura's apartment.
Summary: Marik goes to the Shadow Realm to find a certain spirit. Finding her, he convinces her to take up a new body and come to the modern world 3000 years after she died. Taking his offer, they end up in his apartment where he begins to explain modern technology to her.
Warnings: Swearing, Nude Kisara for most of this rp.

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Pleas don't kill me. xDD
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Uke Kaiba

It seems that the Pharaoh finally found someone to dominate.

And apparently, Kaiba makes the most delicious noises when he's being taken.

Just thought that I should make that public knowledge.
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OOC Post from Elle

So that's two characters that have died at the hands of Seto, due to Yami.

Tch. I think we should send a fake mob after Fishy.

For those of you who don't know, Noa has been deleted Because of Yami ^_^. I'm not sure if we're going to have Seto re-boot him, but for now, Noa has gone bye-bye.

=D Good thing I had him go to Germany first.

Just though you'd all like to know that we're killing off our own characters ^0^ It's rather fun, actually.

Much love,
Elle (Noa, Y.Bakura)
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Entertainment RP

Who: Yami no Bakura (akefia_dono) and whoever wants to join in.
Rating: M, for safety.
Where: Starts at the apartment Y.Bakura, R.Bakura and Y.Malik are currently "sharing".
Summary: Y.Bakura is bored without his two favorite dolls to play with. Stealing from anywhere in Domino has become too easy, as has murder. So, the dark half begins to brainstorm.
Warnings: Swearing, Yamis, possible (slight) gore/blood/guts, perversion, mind games, etc.


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...Well, it's rather obvious that I'm useless at this.
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